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London Day Retreat


Sunday 11th February 

Harnessing the big energies of a karmic 8 year.

Themed around the Chinese New Year, New Moon, heart chakra and Valentine's tradition.







Please click on pictures above / below for reals of up and coming and legacy retreats



The Halloween day retreat 


Oct 29th 2023


Our day retreats are a condensed version of our residential treats outside of London, an example of a residential retreat is displayed below from our last venture in Dartmoor national park.

Transformational Solstice Retreat


Transformational Solstice Retreat

was:-  Saturday 17th December to Thursday 22nd December 2022 in the beautiful countryside in Dartmoor National Park with a purpose built yoga retreat venue.

          Off the success and magic of the Transformational Cave Retreat in the Peak District March 2022 where we experienced sound healing actually inside a crystal cave, we hosted another transformational opportunity leading up to the winter solstice.

          There was lots of healing cacao, drumming and fire ceremonies. Deep meditation and lots of dynamic as well as restorative yoga. Outdoor hiking and fresh (really fresh water) if you were game. Fully catered vegan menu with the additional option of gluten free. Unique light therapy via PandoraStar and intuitive healings, reiki and sound therapy. Some of the break out workshops explored the masculine/feminine/yin/yang polarity and imbalance or creating your own despacho.

          Of course... there was frog, but there were options of a gentler more meditative ceremony.  The relaxing week in the middle of nature built up to a summit on the night of the Solstice. Helping to ground, restore, reset and transform.

We managed to get the perfect group of people together with the same enthusiasm to reset, recharge, restore and rejuvenate at the end of the year.

Total for retreat was £1111   


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