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This cacao is blessed and sacred. Ethically sourced, organic and naturally vegan from Ecuador and Venezuela. I provide large weights to many practitioners around the UK so if interested in bulk please reach out. 

Leap Frog

The intention is to help you connect with your true self and authentic being.


Frog Shop

These are links to my Etsy shop.

Please contact me directly for discount and personalized items. 

Intuition Spray

Blend of 17 different 💯 pure essential oils in water. This is the most amount of different oils I use in any blend so far.

Blend of 8 different 💯 pure essential oils water. Also added vibrational essential energies. 

Essential Energy Blends

with 3 essence ranges; 36 essences of the Goddess, 36 essences of the Masculine, 48 essences of the Elementals.

Clearing Spray

Blend of 5 different 💯 pure essential oils in water. Kernel Sanders would be impressed by this secret recipe handed down to me from an Australian Aboriginal lady.

Frog Fog - Protection

This is the original “Frog Fog”. Blend of 6 different 💯 pure essential oils in water. A great protecting spray, but used by me during Kambo ceremonies.

Love Spray

Blend of 9 different 💯 pure essential oils in water. I work mostly with Doterra oils. Also has Essential Energy Essences within it to help amplify the intention.

Sleep Spray

Blend of 10 different 💯 pure essential oils in water. Can be used as a mist prior to going to sleep or when putting down fresh bed linen to let it soak in.

Grounding Spray

Blend of 12 different 💯 pure essential oils in water. Helps calm you down and works with the root/base chakra xx

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