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Intuitive Healing


Having always been interested in crystals and tarot from a young age, it took more time and experience to appreciate that the visions as a child were energies and not something to be ignored. 


I have done several channeling courses and can automatically get answers (when they choose to share) and have several techniques to help you improve your own intuition. The best feeling is already having an inner knowing and having that confirmed, rather than “going against your gut instinct” just because someone said something. My main intention is to empower you rather than make you reliant on external words or signs. 


I’ve completed inner child work and psychic development courses in Uluru whilst living in Australia. This is a very magical place which helps activate your frequency. I’m also Reiki trained and able to perform psychic surgery as well as a seasoned yogi. 


I have been working with ‘essential energies’ blends for nearly 20 years (see shop for more information) for personal benefit as well providing for others. I also am a wholesaler for Doterra essential oils which do have a frequency associated and energy, which is what I’m more interested in. For example; Geranium is the oil to help with trust, Lavender communication, and Ylang Ylang (my favorite) inner child and intuition. These in combination with other practices can help you help yourself.


I have a diploma in lifestyle medicine (as well as many other qualifications that I tend to not publicize here), and call in experience, wisdom, intuition to help you practically. Many healers I know can sometimes take you further off a track and remove you further from the actual day to day reality. A yoga teacher said to us before class “before enlightenment, chop wood. After enlightenment, chop wood.”  This means that we still have a life to live and love, but hopefully I can help you navigate it more peacefully. I'm also an incredible manifester and live my life through example. I can do face to face meetings with or without a cacao ceremony london, crystals and sound, or a much easier phone consultation at your convenience, which should feel like a friendly conversation.

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