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  • Intuition Spray & Candles
  • Intuition Spray & Candles

Intuition Spray & Candles


Blend of 17 different 💯 pure essential oils in water. This is the most amount of different oils I use in any blend so far. Different batches vary on quantities and ratios. Works on third eye chakra. Great for settling self for meditation. See grounding and clearing oils to see what would best suit your intention.

Helps raise your vibration. Can be sold with the same oil infused candles to help the ceremony of raising awareness.

Regarding the Essential Energy Essences, when the Goddess Energies are used they will activate and harness aspects of the Devine Creative spirit already within you. There are 36 vibrational essences in this range. The masculine range was made to help negotiate life's practical requirements. This range has 48 elixirs. The Elemental range has a unique energy with each channeled vibration, also with 48. I have added some of these specific energies to the sprays, but a blend of any of the above can be individulised if you feel called to work with them.

Ask me any questions, I am more than happy to answer.

Additionally- if you keep the spray bottle, I can send subsequent “stock” concentrate in 10ml bottles that you can dilute to save money.

Big love xx Thanks for looking

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