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For The Love Of Frog


Effects And Benefits


     There is an ever increasing list of potential benefits from Kambo, but it starts to sound a bit like hocus pocus given all the possibilities and reported results. Even the pharmaceutical companies are curious about this medicine. Presently there are over 70 patents looking at some of the peptides that Kambo contains. I have no doubt that this will continue to rise in the future. There must be something at significant at high scientific level to have caught their attention. Reports of morphine-like substances are proving to be very interesting in the area of pain management. Usage in cancer treatment, depression, anxiety, infection (including but not limited to bacterial and fungal), and chronic illnesses, are all being explored and we eagerly await new information.

          Due to Kambo’s ability helps you “let go” or show you what you needed to see, it also has been thought to be of benefit with detoxing, and aid with withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. There are many that attribute Kambo to their improved fertility and for the warrior men, it was traditionally used to locate their mating partner! Symptoms of PMT or menopause may be lessened, and laziness and procrastination reduced. Specific targeted treatments can be utilised for chakra work or meridians. 

          It is worth noting that any formal testing after a Kambo ceremony does NOT show any residual “medicine!” or foreign substances. I also wish to emphasise that this is NOT a psychoactive drug. There are no trips or hallucinations. This is not an addictive substance. There is a spiritual element to this medicine and a sacred and powerful property. It is important to remain humble and open to all it has to offer.



  • Please discuss with me if you have recently or are planning on any cosmetic procedures.  Kambo can reduce the effectiveness depending on the timing. Best to do kambo before Botox and fillers for example but happy to discuss

  • Those taking dieting or sleeping supplements, and those with active eating disorders. Honesty is appreciated only for your safety

  • Active drug or alcohol addiction.  There needs to be a period of abstinence prior and each drug has different times

  • Do not consume any alcohol or other recreational drugs 24-48 hours before or after your treatment

  • Do not fast, food and or water, for 7 days before or after taking Kambo.  The electrolytes are imbalanced and can cause issues

  • Colonics, enemas, liver flushes, or any water-based detox should be avoided within 3 days before and after taking Kambo ​. This is not to be confused with the water only fasting you will do 10-12 hours prior to your session 

    • You can have water, but not excessively, during this time

    • For a single Kambo session, you will be encouraged to drink 1.5-2 litres of water, about 15 minutes before I place the Kambo

  • During menstruation, kambo can increase bleeding and cramping and can often cause lightheadedness and sometimes fainting.  Personally I have not experienced this, and actually have had some magical ceremonies during this time.  If you are prone to discomfort, perhaps initially time the session around this.  It goes without saying that Kambo potentially will help resolve PMT symptoms in the long run

  • Please make me aware of any recent vaccinations or planned, to continue your safety


*If you are asthmatic, please bring your inhaler with you 

*If you are diabetic, please bring insulin, testing strips.

*Pregnancy testing as above


Contraindications And Warnings

          It is important to remember that this is a traditional tribal medicine that has been used for many many years. These people did not have "Westerner's" diseases.  

         Due to the large amount of people successfully treated with kambo, guidelines have been created by various organizations to help ensure safety. There are some limitations and restrictions to Kambo to best help clients with their journeys.  

            Kambo has no known true side effects, so when it is responsibly administered, it is completely safe. You do need to be physically strong enough to take it, therefore if you are recovering from any recent illnesses, please reach out directly to discuss. 

          There are some people who should not have Kambo.....

Kambo is not for you if you have, or have had in the past, any of the following conditions. This is not an exhaustive list and please share anything to facilitate a good outcome for you:

  • Serious heart problems including 

    • Heartbypass surgery, enlarged heart, implanted cardioverter defibrillators, congestive heart disease, heart valve replacement surgery

  • Organ transplant

  • Stroke

    • Ischaemic or haemorrhagic

  • Aneurysms 

  • Severe epilepsy

  • Serious mental health conditions, excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety. It is amazing for the afore mentioned.

  • Lack of the mental capacity to decide to take Kambo

  • Medicated low blood pressure

  • Recovering from a major surgical procedure.  Usually 6 weeks but can vary. Please always discuss.

  • Chemotherapy or radiation treatments of less than 6 weeks prior or 6 weeks afterwards.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.  I may ask you to bring a pregnancy test prior to avoid any complications.  Kambo can also dry up breast milk, however this is not something I have personally experienced, so if wanting to continue to feed, this will need to be factored it.

  • Within 42 days of giving birth

  • Addison’s Disease

  • Under 18 years of age

  •  If you are an animal.  I am impressed if you are reading this.  But... Kambo should not be used on or near any animals. Please don’t quote me on this when you meet my bears! They sometimes want to say hello.


The Traditional Ceremony


          For the initial ceremony, including consultation, rest and food, I would allow up to 3-4 hours, but it can be closer to 2 depending on you and what transpires on the day. 

          Kambo is absorbed through the lymphatic system after making small burns in the skin. These can scar so please bear this in mind. I personally like my scars, most have disappeared with time, but not all. After the purging ceases, dragons blood, that does not come from real dragons, but is an Amazonian plant similar to latex, is applied making the gates look black. This scab falls away in a week or so. Dragons blood helps with healing, to reduce scaring and keep area clean.

          The traditional technique for first time treatment for men is the upper left arm, and women the lower right leg, but modern society is far more interesting than this and there are multiple options available. Loose comfortable clothing should be worn and easy access to the area you will be working on. It gets a lot more exciting when repeat treatments require origami arrangements of clothes to maintain modesty whilst enabling exposure of targeted areas.

          Depending on the treatment type, a variable amount of water is consumed during a ceremony. It is important to NOT drink too much prior, but there is no advantage to dehydrating yourself either.  

          Certainly no food should be consumed for at least 8 hours prior. This will all be factored in whilst having a consultation. It is easier to hold a ceremony in the morning as it means you skip breakfast, but it is equally possible to work later in the day appreciating that a period of 'no' food is important before treatment. After the Kambo process I do serve smoothies or soup depending on the season.

          The idea is that once Kambo enters the body and goes to where it needs to go,. All the toxins, residual buildups, negativity, blocks are released with a vomit (or sometimes from the other end). You may wish to bring a change of clothes in case of accidents.  

Certainly the first few ceremonies can be intense. When you realise that the frog is working with you and not against you, to release,  and the more you surrender and trust, the easier the journey can be. Some ceremonies can be pure bliss, joy, laughter or even peri orgasmic! Its full effects last around twenty to forty minutes and they can be unpleasant. Pounding of the heart and rushing in the ears followed by severe vomiting known as purging. I am still amazed that so many people come back for more, myself included!

          If you do wish to go forwards with this treatment, as discussed above, a comprehensive discussion will be had before any commitment to ensure that this really is the best idea for you and that you are safe to go ahead. I prefer to work one on one, or small groups primarily to ensure that the bathroom is free and also to manage energies.

          Please see the contraindications to help eliminate any risk to yourself. It is also wise to plan at least a day off work or activity afterwards as I certainly needed the time to process. I personally have always had oodles of energy afterwards, but I was quite irritable in the earlier days for about a week afterwards. The thinking is that old emotions are released, and in my case anger, but the long term results are now that I have a lot less aggression!

          The Caboclo tribes popularized doing 3 sessions in a moon cycle. Some people believe that there are benefits of doing 3 sessions in 3 months. I have twice done 3 sessions in 3 hours. Presently I have no desire to make it a third time, but you will know when and how frequently you should take the medicine on board. For mostly healthy people, no more than 12 sessions in a year is currently recommended but more intensive treatments are indicated for complex situations.

          There is a different way of serving known as “Dry” kambo or some people call it “Womb” kambo. This is where a calmer more meditative approach is taken. Smaller amounts of medicine, without the intention of releasing. It can be very loving and gentle. This is something that can be discussed but I tend to reserve this technique for retreats or after a client has worked on a deep level in the more traditional way.

          If you embark on this journey, it is very important that the space is held to enable the work to be done and there needs to be utmost respect and understanding of the medicine and traditions. I have been educated on safe and supportive practice and have been trained by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. Being a vegan I believe it is paramount that no harm is brought to any animal. For example, you will not be getting honey in your tea after ceremony. Perhaps some date syrup or agave! These frogs do not fear humans, and the indigenous tribes continue to work with honor and symbiotic existence to attain the medicine. I can ensure that the Kambo medicine that is received is sourced ethically and resources are returned rightfully to the tribes as I have a direct source to the jungle.


           Please note the nearest train station is West Norwood, London. Allegedly it is an 8-minute walk.  

There is free on-street parking if you wish to drive.  A smoothie or soup will be provided post ceremony, so do let me know any dietary restrictions. You cannot be as fussy as me, so I can accommodate all requests. If you would prefer, I am also available for private circles, but only after prior consultation with an increased cost. If you wish to purchase a Kambo circle ceremony,  AFTER consultation with me, you will receive information for payment of a deposit. I hold circles Saturday mornings from 9:30am until 13:00pm. For other times, private circles and 121s, please get in touch as these will be by appointment only.  You can contact me on +44 (0) 793 002 3773 or via the details below.

Froggy hugs




          I am ready when you are!  I am serving regular small and intimate circles on Saturday mornings and private 121s at your convenience.

          I always connect with you over the phone before the initial meeting to discuss primarily safety and suitability, but I also use that as an opportunity to begin my understanding what aspects of health you might want to work with. 

          When someone commits with pure intent to working with the frog, the frog may turn up in dreams and issues might come up to be dealt with as the energetic connections have already started to establish themselves even prior to your session.

          Being in a sacred space and you being willing to heal are key.  If you wish to connect for a face to face, or even a virtual, non froggy session of intuitive spiritual healing, please connect via WhatsApp, email or Instagram . x

What Is Kambo? 

          Kambo is a traditional warrior medicine that works on a physical, spiritual and energetic level. What was once a treatment for focusing the mind and preparing the body for battle and survival, is now making it's way into the bustling cities to help the Urban Jungle inhabitants (YOU) focus, reset and breathe.  

          Stress never used to exist in our vocabulary. It was an architectural term referring to bend on a building or steal rod. Now, everyone is stressed, busy, flat out, drowning in work or just barely existing. A study from the year 2000 has shown that 'normal' children at that time reported more anxiety than psychiatric patients reported in the 1950's. I cannot imagine how that would compare in current times.

          Kambo for westerners helps prioritise, eliminate disease by prevention and / or possible cure, and prepare the mind for whatever it chooses. 

          One must be incredibly conscientious after a ceremony as what is envisioned manifests quicker than any other method I have used before. I am here to help you on your journey.  

          Known by several names, Kambo, Sapo, Dow-Kiet, or Vacino da Floresta, refers to the waxy secretion of Phyllomedusa Bicolor or The Giant Green Monkey Tree frog. These animals live peacefully high up in the trees in the northern parts of the Amazon rainforest. I’ve recently heard some people call Sapo “dry kambo” and kambo, the purge variety of ceremony, but this is not my understanding or teaching. 

           Indigenous people work intimately and respectfully with the frogs to directly “milk” the skin at certain times of the year. When this substance is dried, and then applied appropriately to a human, through small burns made on the skin, it could potentially provide multiple benefits. 

          The frogs must live in the Amazon and any action to relocate them lessens their ability to produce potent medicine. The hypothesis is that their diet rich in insects from the Amazon contributes to their unique secretions. Their biggest threat is the destruction of the rainforest rather than any natural predator. They are not currently endangered and with close working relations with the traditional people, this should continue to be the way.

          Traditionally Kambo was used by hunters to improve stamina, focus, endurance, and satiety, or tribespeople to aid with diseases such as malaria and snake bites. What I find interesting is the third usage of removing “Panema”, also known as bad luck, or negative energy. Without studies, claims cannot be made, but a quick online search will provide countless examples of improvement in mood, energy, attitude and outlook. Kambo helps with stress management and either as a result of that directly, or another mechanism it helps fight the signs of ageing physically and mentally! Due to unblocking and facilitating connections, this medicine also has been linked to increased fertility / conception.

          Lastly, be careful of your thoughts as things seem to manifest a lot easier and quicker with this medicine on board!

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